Woman chases after stolen car with her eight-year-old daughter inside

Woman Clings Onto Car as Carjacker Drives Off

Shocking footage of a thief stealing a car with an eight-year-old girl inside has been uploaded to YouTube by the Dallas police department in an effort to track down the suspect.

The video, released shortly after the carjacking yesterday, shows the hoodie-wearing thief approach the unlocked Nissan Sedan and jump inside, failing to notice the child sat in the vehicle.

Spotting the robbery from a nearby nursery where she had been dropping her young son off, the car's owner runs towards the vehicle, accompanied by another woman. Despite the pair managing to open both the driver's and a rear door, they could neither stop the thief nor free the child.

Desperate to rescue her daughter, the mother clings to the boot of the car as the man drives off. After leaving the shot, the man is reported to have stopped the vehicle and attacked the woman, forcing her to surrender her cash. Meanwhile the young girl had leapt from the moving car, sustaining minor injuries.