Driver escapes after getting stuck on level crossing


An unlucky driver was caught in a dangerous situation after getting stuck inside a level crossing's barriers in London as a train approached.

A woman driver was caught on camera driving over the level crossing at Enfield Lock, before the barriers closed and trapped her. As the train approaches, the driver frantically attempts to turn the car to escape but remains stranded across the tracks.

Thankfully, after being stuck for around 40 seconds, the gates open and she is able to escape. However, the drama isn't entirely over as a cyclist takes advantage of the open barriers and sprints across the tracks – moments before the train comes speeding along.

Ross Malickis, who captured the footage, told the Daily Mail: "It is quite common that people wait in the yellow box at that junction, which is really dangerous.

"There were two other drivers who managed to sneak out behind someone when the light started flashing but this lady, who was with what could have been her daughter, got caught behind the barriers.

"I was scared there could be a bad accident. I was on the phone to my mum on speaker phone and said that I might have to hang up and call 999. But thankfully the barriers eventually opened."