Car deliberately reverses into scooter on busy London road


A bizarre road rage incident on London's A40 saw the driver of a silver Vauxhall Astra reverse-ram a scooter, before coming back a second time after the aggravated rider hurled an object at the car.

A minute-long clip, uploaded on to YouTube earlier this month, shows the altercation between the pair, which brought traffic on the busy road to a standstill.

While both the beginning of the incident and the reason why the scooter rider is facing the wrong direction on the three-lane carriageway is unknown, the two motorists appear to be pretty enraged.

The video starts as the scooter rider leans down to pick an object up off the ground, before the silver hatchback strikes the back of his scooter.

Giving chase on foot, the rider lets the item, which appears to be a wing mirror, fly.

The Astra driver then brakes and shoots backwards towards the scooter for a second time, coming within metres of hitting the filming vehicle and eliciting screams from its occupants.

After moving his moped out of harm's way, the rider once again gives chase on foot, and punches the car, which finally drove off.

As the moped rider runs back to his vehicle, a BMW tentatively continues along the now-empty road.