Bride and mother attack groom at Belarus roadside


A wedding day is meant to be filled with celebrations, but it seems that this Belarus couple didn't get the message.

Caught on a nearby car's dashcam, this video shows a bride and groom exiting their wedding car at the side of a main road, evidently caught up in a rather heated argument.

Despite it being just hours since the two had tied the knot, the bride in question doesn't hesitate in attacking her groom, beating him on the head with her bouquet of flowers.

The groom's fortunes fail to improve, as his new mother-in-law comes sprinting towards him to join her daughter in the attack. Beating the man, it seems that all has not gone as planned for the couple's special day.

Eager to leave, the groom gets back into the car and speeds away, leaving mother and daughter at the roadside.

The reason for the attack is as yet unknown.