Former Romanian dictator's Mercedes sells at auction


Credit: Bonhams
A Mercedes convertible that belonged to former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu has sold at auction, reaching just over £38,000.

This SL 350 was initially auctioned off by the Romanian government in 1999 after the fall of Ceausescu's regime. It went alongside the rest of the former dictator's estate, which had grown large despite the crippling financial shortages that Romania was experiencing during his time as president. At that time, it had covered just 2,509 miles.

Eight years after the auction, the SL had covered 10,874 miles in the hands of its new owner. However, since 2007 the car hasn't been on the road, meaning that the SL's mileage is still relatively low given its age.

Amazingly, it sits on its original tyres that were fitted in 1973. Recently treated to a complete service by a specialist, the SL has special features including two radios – one standard unit and another short-wave receiver in the glove box, which was installed by secret police during Ceausescu's ownership.

Former Romanian dictator's Mercedes sells at auction

Former Romanian dictator's Mercedes sells at auction

Along with the two radios comes an auction certificate that has been issued by the Romanian government. The car also comes with registration papers for the local Romanian area.

The car was bought by an anonymous bidder, and all of the proceeds went to a local charity, which looks to educate special-needs orphans in Romania. The SL was sold as part of 'The Mercedes-Benz Sale' which took place in Stuttgart at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.