Incredible £1 million of stolen cars recovered from Africa


An incredible £1 million fleet of stolen cars has returned to Southampton docks after being recovered from an impound in Africa.

The 24 luxury cars had been taken from British motorists and shipped out to Uganda by gangs. The sting was made possible by Hampshire police, who were able to track the vehicles down thanks to a tracker fitted to one of them.

The most valuable car recovered was a £70,000 Range Rover Autobiography.

The hunt for the cars began 10 months ago, after a Lexus 450 was stolen. The car, which was fitted with a tracking device, belonged to insurance company APU. The technology allowed the insurance company to track the car on its journey through France to Oman and Kenya, eventually reaching its final destination of a pound in Uganda. It sat there alongside many other luxury vehicles.

Incredible £1 million of stolen cars recovered from Africa

Incredible £1 million of stolen cars recovered from Africa

DC Nathan Ricketts, who led the operation, told the Daily Echo: "It's been a lot of months of apprehension – are they going to come back, are they going to come back in one piece? To actually see them at Southampton docks is fantastic."

Officers managed to recover the vehicles after travelling out to Africa and shipping them back. Some of the cars had received damage as a result of their travels, which knocked down their trade value slightly.

Hampshire Constabulary are now hoping to join forces with other authorities to return many more cars that have been stolen and shipped out of the country.