Dog makes amazing escape after car crash in China

Dog Miraculously Survives Car Crash

A dog made an incredible escape after it was rescued from the inside of a car's front grille following a crash.

The footage, which comes from Chongqing, China, shows the dog being removed from the car's undercarriage.

According to reports, the owner of the car, Mr Liu, was travelling in the outside lane of a motorway when the unfortunate hound ran straight in front of his vehicle.

Fearing the worst, Liu stopped the vehicle immediately after the crash. However, he was greeted by the sound of the dog barking and discovered the animal inside the bonnet of his car.

Local police reported that the dog was removed with just minor injuries. It does appear that the dog has suffered an injury to its hind legs, though this was apparently sorted soon after. A lucky escape, given the high-speed impact that the animal had been involved in.