Child saved by motorists after cycling onto busy highway

Drivers Corner Child on Bike Near Skyway Bridge

Good-willed drivers helped avert a potential disaster after a child on a trike managed to make their way on to a busy section of highway in Florida.

The drivers joined forces and created a protective rolling wall around the child with their vehicles, staying with him until they were able to bring him to a stop at a nearby toll booth

Driver Anthony Stewart, who was part of the rolling wall, told ABC News: "I thought it was a prank – somebody just riding through traffic.

However, Stewart soon realised that it was a child riding along the busy section of highway: "He kinda was swerving from lane to lane a little bit so I tried to mirror him.

"So what I did... I got directly behind him. He got to my right. The other guy got to his right and we kinda created a little wall and we kinda edged him towards the side."

Florida Highway Patrol reported that the young boy in question had a disability and had somehow managed to leave his house without his parents noticing. He was returned to his mum and dad without injury.