Thousands of taxi drivers protest against Uber in Jakarta

Ride-Hailing App Protest Disrupts Traffic in Jakarta

Thousands of taxi and public transport drivers caused chaos on the roads of Jakarta recently, as they protested against ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Grab.

The Indonesian capital was brought to a standstill as protesters blocked streets, in an effort to get the Government to change the laws surrounding the app-based taxi services.

At present, the legal status of the ride-hailing apps is unclear, and now the Transportation Ministry is pushing for a ban of them completely.

The protesters caused massive traffic jams by blocking roads outside the city's parliament buildings and the city administration offices. Tyres were also set on fire, causing further disruption.

Dewi Gayatri, a commuter who missed a business flight as a result of the disruption, told the Associated Press: "This protest is so terrible. They really are rude and overbearing. I was very hurt.

"I hope the government protects Uber, because it's so easy to order and cheaper."

However, Salahuddin, a taxi driver, told the BBC: "They are destroying us.

"We pay tax but because Uber uses private cars they don't. I am fighting for my survival."