Racing driver makes remarkable escape after Goodwood crash


Photo credit: Goodwood
A racing driver made an incredible escape after he was involved in a high-speed crash at the 74th Goodwood Members Meeting.

Stephen Bond was racing a 1961 Lotus-Climax 18 race car when it touched wheels with another a vehicle piloted by Richard Wilson. The Lotus was sent into the air, clearing the boundaries of the racetrack before crashing to a halt in a tunnel used by spectators.

Remarkably, there was nobody in the tunnel at the time. Bond, who also owns the car in question, is reported to have suffered just a broken collarbone as a result of the crash.

Tom Barnes, who was a spectator at the race, told The Telegraph: "It was a miracle that there were only minimal injuries. With the spin sequence, and then the tumble and shooting down the pedestrian walkway, it was amazing nobody was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

A statement from Goodwood about the incident read: "Driver Richard Wilson has been checked and released. Driver Stephen Bond has been taken to hospital with a minor injury.

"The pedestrian tunnel will remain closed for the remainder of the event."