Speed camera catches 25,000 offenders in one week


Credit: Google Maps

A speed camera in Stroud caught almost 25,000 drivers speeding within a week of being installed, police have revealed.

The camera, which is situated on the A46 in Rodborough, Stroud found 24,962 drivers who passed it within seven days of installation to be travelling at above the 30 mph legal limit.

The number made up more than a quarter of the 95,912 drivers that had passed the automatic number plate recognition camera between the 19th and 26th of February.

Forty-two vehicles were filmed doing more than 50mph, while one motorist was caught travelling at 64mph - more than double the 30mph speed limit.

However, none of the speeders received a penalty, and only those travelling at particularly high speeds received visits from officers.

Rodborough Parish Council member Charles Pedrick told the Daily Mail that the camera was installed in order to improve safety without resorting to fines and penalty points.

"Once the police have spoken to someone who has been seen speeding several times, they change their behaviour, which is what we want," he said.

"The police have been very supportive and it shows that it works. We want to see it rolled out across the county and the country eventually."

However, Police Inspector Andy Poole confirmed that the current speed trap would soon be replaced by an officer-operated camera, which would result in speeders receiving prosecutions.

He added: "The next step will be to target vehicles and a staff member will be there with a camera, which is enforceable in law."