Driver has near-miss while on Porsche test drive

Porsche Test Drive Ends Up in Near Head-on Collision

A Porsche test drive nearly ended in disaster after a motorist pulled out in front of the classic German sports car on a busy carriageway in France.

As the footage begins all seems well from within the cabin of a classic 1985 Porsche 944 2.5, with the driver making steady progress along a single lane road – though with questionable hand positioning on the wheel.

Approaching a long straight, the camera catches a car pulling out safely in the distance. However, as the Porsche grows nearer, a Volkswagen Golf decides to take a chance and move into the road – right into the path of the oncoming 944.

Although it appears that the driver did have enough time to swerve out of the way, as the opposite lane was clear and the Volkswagen stopped sharply after seeing the Porsche, the motorist locks up the car's wheels and slides forwards in a cloud of tyre smoke.

Thankfully the Porsche avoids contact with the Golf, but does generate a fair amount of anger from the 944 driver. Even in French, you can see how annoyed the driver is.