Classic Alfa Romeo surfaces after 70 years undercover


A 1932 Alfa Romeo that was 'lost' for nearly 70 years has re-surfaced – and it looks more special than ever.

The 8C2300 features a straight-eight supercharged engine akin to the one fitted in a similar Alfa that won Le Mans four times and the Mille Miglia three times. Despite the herculean engine under the bonnet, the Alfa has failed to make itself heard for many, many years.

The car was passed to its long-term owner as a 21st birthday present from their father in 1937. It features a body created by coachbuilding firm Figoni and is the only short chassis to ever have been styled by the Italian design house.

Looking at the car's records, it can be seen that the car first belonged to Count Francois de Bremond, who used the car to compete in the Grossglockner Hillclimb in 1935. He then sold it in 1937, where it was passed on to its second owner.

Classic Alfa Romeo surfaces after 70 years hidden

Classic Alfa Romeo surfaces after 70 years hidden

The car was hidden when occupying forces took hold of France, after which it was used for a few years before being garaged. After owning it for 70 years, the owner passed it on to a new custodian, who took it to Blakeney Motorsport in the UK, in order to make the car safe in terms of running and operation.

The car is now running, even though it has had no heavy restoration work done to it. Despite its long and varied history, it's good to see that this classic Alfa is now back on the road.