McLaren driver has close call at Laguna Seca raceway


A racer in a McLaren P1 GTR had an extremely close call after spinning out on the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

The experienced driver lost control of the high-powered race car on the track's infamous 'Corkscrew' corner, which sent it flying towards a wall at the circuit's edge.

Thankfully, for both car and driver, the slide stopped moments before an impact with the wall occurred.

The uploader of the video said that a professional factory driver was behind the wheel of the McLaren, and was teaching others on how to drive around the circuit on a private track day.

The ace driver was obviously trying his hardest to go through the corner as quickly as possible, but unfortunately the car ended up spinning out.

No damage to either car or driver was reported, with the only thing to have surely taken a dent being the driver's pride.