Conscientious rider nearly has motorbike stolen in Newcastle


A conscientious motorcyclist almost lost his bike in a brazen robbery attempt after he stopped to remove an abandoned bicycle from a busy road.

In footage captured on his helmet cam, Daniel James MacArthur is seen riding through Newcastle, crossing the Billymill roundabout before coming across the abandoned bicycle.

Pulling to the side of the three-lane carriageway road, he leaves the keys in the ignition of his Suzuki DRZ400, and walks back to remove the bicycle.

While he does so, a man who had been stood by the side of the road climbs over the barrier, pushes his bike off of the side stand and begins to wheel it away.

Throwing the pushbike to the floor, MacArthur gives chase, shouting expletives at the thief, who abandons the bike and runs off.

Still determined to do a good deed and remove the bicycle from the carriageway, the motorcyclist walks his vehicle back to the bicycle where he is approached by one of the would-be thief's accomplices.

The foul mouthed youth attempts to grab the helmet cam, before going to push the motorcycle over, at which point MacArthur throws the bicycle at him.

Since it was uploaded on Monday, the video has been viewed by more than 222,400 Facebook users and shared almost 2700 times.

Please be aware, the video does contain strong language.