Pedestrians leap to safety as car flips in Blackburn


Two pedestrians were forced to leap to safety in Blackburn after a speeding car sent a parked car flying towards them. The racing car managed to flip on to its roof.

The footage, which was captured on a CCTV camera mounted to a nearby building, sees two men narrowly avoid being hit by a car which, moments earlier, had been parked in front of them.

A blue Volkswagen Golf approaches the parked car, and clips the stationary vehicle. The force of the impact causes the Golf to flip over on to its roof, while also pushing the parked car forwards into the path of the two men.

Amazingly, the driver of the Golf managed to escape from the overturned vehicle, having sustained just a bloody nose.

Jeff Crook, co-owner of the nearby Your Handy Hire Shop, told the Daily Mail: "We were in here and heard the bang. I said it's a crash.

"My son went to the door and I went to the CCTV camera. I don't think the driver was going too fast. He just failed to see the vehicle and just clipped it.

A police officer at the scene, Inspector Claire Cooper, reported that the driver had sustained minor injuries and that at present no arrests had been made.