Lexus LFA with incredible asking price hits the market


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A Lexus LFA has gone on sale in Germany – for just over £5 million.

The LFA finished production in 2012, and was seen as Lexus' first supercar. With a large V10 engine, it was capable of keeping up with anything that an Italian supercar could produce.

However, this LFA is slightly different to the standard model. Called the Nurburgring Edition, it benefits from a 10bhp boost over the original car's engine, and also features a larger front spoiler as well as a large fixed rear wing.

On top of this, the Nurburgring Edition has a re-formatted six-speed sequential transmission, as well as lighter wheels. The different components meant that this car was able to lap the famous 'Green Hell' 8.85 seconds quicker than the standard model.

These changes demanded a £50,000 premium over the standard car.

Lexus LFA with incredible asking price hits the market

Lexus LFA with incredible asking price hits the market

Only 50 out of the 500 LFAs produced were built to Nurburgring Edition specification, which may give a slight indication as to why the price of this particular Lexus is so high. Given that when the car was first released it retailed for around £260,000, it presents a significant sale for the owner.

The car also has an impressively low mileage. Sitting with just 423 miles on the clock, it has been signed by Toyota Motor Company's CEO, Akio Toyota. For the die-hard Lexus fan, there will be very few cars that fit the bill quite as well as this rather special LFA.