Valets left frustrated by Dodge fitted with restrictor


Photo/Video credit: Brandon Neider
A driver in Florida wasn't happy leaving his car unattended with valets - so left the Dodge Hellcat in a mode that meant they couldn't try the muscle car's power out.

Brandon Neidar used a dash cam to see what his car would be subjected to after leaving it with valets at Universal Studios.

As well as the camera, Neidar left the Hellcat in 'Valet Mode'. This stops the car from being able to shift from first to second gear, as well as restricting the car's power output to around 200bhp. It can only be taken off with a pincode.

The workers are quick to notice the restriction, with one heard saying: "It's on valet mode, we can't do anything."

Neider wrote in the caption to his video: "They didn't "do" anything wrong besides a little rev."

He also added that he was "thankful for valet mode."

Please note, this video does contain strong language.