Tesla owner tests car's new autopilot system - on young son


Photo credit: KmanAuto
A Tesla owner used a rather unconventional method of testing the electric car's new Auto Pilot mode, by having it stop automatically near to his young son.

At the start of the video, the owner tests the car's new Summon feature on a cuddly toy duck - which fails to trigger the vehicle's sensors. The owner of the video put this down to lack of mass that the duck has, therefore giving little to no sonar reflection.

The Tesla owner then chooses a rather more human tester.

The car's owner was quick to point out that his child was stood to the side of the car, therefore out of harm's way should the car fail to detect him.

With the child stood waiting, the car's side sensors come into play - thankfully bringing the Tesla to a stop in front of the little boy.

Thankfully the video shows that the Tesla system is clever enough to notice humans stood in front of it - but if you leave a fluffy duck on the driveway, you may be in for disappointment.