Tailgated driver causes crash in Wisconsin

Woman Tailgating Car Too Closely Loses Control and Veers Off Highway

A motorist caused a nasty accident in Wisconsin by slamming on their brakes - in front of a tailgating SUV.

The footage, which was captured on dash cam, sees one driver getting very close to another on a section of busy highway in Little Chute.

The pair travel close together along the outside lane of the highway, before the leading car decides to slam on its brakes as a deterrent.

The second car attempts to avoid the halting SUV, suddenly going into a skid and beginning to fishtail wildly from right to left.

It then slides off the road and onto a grass verge in the middle of the two carriageways.

The car then ploughs into a pole before coming to a stop. The leading vehicle continues on its journey without a care in the world.

Reports say that the driver of the vehicle that crashed was given a ticket for tailgating, after the footage was noticed by police.