Mahindra electric car due UK release in spring, reports say


Photo credit: Autocar India
India-based carmaker Mahindra is hoping to bring electric driving to the masses - with its £10,000 e2o city car.

Mahindra, which produces the G-Wiz, is looking to launch the e2o in London this spring.

Although the G-Wiz was dealt a lot of criticism, Mahindra is hoping that the e2o will be a step in the right direction towards affordable electric transportation.

The e20, which is on sale in Asia at the moment, currently has a top speed of 50mph and a range of around 75 miles from one single charge. At the moment, the e2o is on sale in India, Bermuda, Bhutan and Nepal.

However, the international version of the e20 will hopefully feature a power increase and a longer battery range. This, crammed into a body that is just 3280mm long and 1514mm wide. It will have enough room inside for four people, accessed via four doors. The model currently on sale in Asia has just two doors.

Pawan Goenka, Mahindra's executive director, told Autocar recently: "We are thinking of building our own distribution network in the UK.

"We want to target the individual buyer - perhaps people who are looking to buy a second car in the sub-£10,000 range for short commutes and inner-city driving.

"We are not here to plug a technology gap, but a price gap."

Last year, Mahindra reported that it was to invest up to £20 million into the development and production of an electric vehicle.

Reports say the e20 will have a competitive amount of standard equipment, including a reversing camera and a full media package.