Gone in Sixty Seconds 'Eleanor' Mustang goes on sale


How would you fancy buying 'Eleanor', the 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby Mustang that featured in the blockbuster film 'Gone in Sixty Seconds'? You are might just be in luck as one of the cars used for 'beauty' shots and promotional activity is up for sale in a car dealership in Keighley, Yorkshire.

The GT500, which is based on the Mustang Fastback, had body parts made of fibreglass to save weight and was powered by a juicy 7.0-litre V8 engine. The car was rare as well as fast thanks to only 300 being produced. Previous owners include footballer Samuel Eto'o and the London Motor Museum according to the dealership.

However, the 'Eleanor' on sale at Keighley has a rare specification of a 5.7 -litre V8 engine and features a Cobra Jet Engine upgrade, fuel injection, automatic transmission, Carroll Shelby Signature seats and original Shelby 427 wheels amongst others.

'Eleanor' Shelby Mustang goes on sale in UK

'Eleanor' Shelby Mustang goes on sale in UK

In the film 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' Nicholas Cage plays a character handed the task of acquiring 50 exotic cars to save his brother with the famous Mustang saved for last and supplying a chase at the film's climax.

The price for this movie star is £100,000.

Author: Aaron Alleyne-Wake