Home owners selling up over parking worries

Parking ticket placed under windshield wiper
Data has found that properties that require residential parking permits take twice as long to sell as those with included parking.

Research by Quick Move Now, the UK's leading home buyer, has found that problems are being caused in some of the country's largest cities, including Manchester and Birmingham. These are because homeowners are looking to move amid concerns over parking.

Homeowners see parking as a more important reason to move than even lack of space or crime. Residents in Manchester are the most likely in the country to sell because of limited parking.

The research shows that houses with off-street parking take just 25 days to sell – compared to 50 days for properties that come with restrictions on parking.

Figures also show that a quarter of households in London and the south-east are looking to sell their car because of concerns over parking – contrasted by just 2 per cent of homeowners in Birmingham thinking of leaving their property over permit issues.

Just 10 per cent of home owners in Wales are thinking of selling their home after worries over parking, as well as 12 per cent in the south west.

Danny Luke, Quick Move now managing director, said: "Our findings show that properties with off-street parking provision sell in half the time and are very attractive to prospective buyers.

"With no guarantee of being able to park outside, or even near their property, and a postcode lottery determining the cost of on-street parking permits, parking is a real issue for a large proportion of UK home owners."