Falling billboard injures five in Mexico after high winds


Five people were injured after a billboard fell on them while they were sitting in their cars, after strong winds pushed it over.

The footage, which was captured by passers-by, sees a heavy steel pole crash down on to a busy road outside a shopping centre in Toluca Valley, central Mexico.

The heavy billboard crushed two cars when it hit the ground, injuring five people of whom one was seriously hurt.

A worker at a nearby sports shop told the Daily Mail: "It was a miracle no-one was killed."

One social media user who lived nearby, said: "The institutions that approve these ads should take responsibility for what happened. Wake up Mexico."

All of the casualties were rushed to a local hospital.

The incident comes after bad weather hit Toluca, which reportedly saw 63 trees felled by high winds. The bad weather is also reported to have caused nine gas leaks.