Driver takes seven minutes to exit parking space in Bolton


Photo/Video credit: Easterbunny86
It can be frustrating waiting for an open opportunity on the road but can you imagine ever having to wait seven minutes for the all clear?

This is what happened to a female motorist outside the Oasis Dental Care in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The video, which was filmed by a bystander, sees the woman attempting to pull out from between two parked cars.

After making a few attempts to exit the space, the driver gets out and consults some pedestrians before getting back in the red Peugeot 106 and reversing onto the pavement. A few minutes go by and passing cars provide the only evidence that the footage has not frozen.

She edges out once more and has another attempt but with no avail. Seemingly a parking perfectionist, the driver parks the car back in its original position, albeit with all four wheels off the kerb. She then leaves the vehicle, either triumphant at having parked the car, or despondent after being unable to drive it away.

Author: Aaron Alleyne-Wake