BMW swept away by River Thames in Putney

BMW Swept Into River Thames by Tide Sinks as It Drifts Away

A BMW driver in London was unlucky enough to see their car swept away by the River Thames, after it was parked on a slipway at Putney Embankment.

The car's driver apparently didn't take the Thames' tide in to account when they parked the BMW 5-Series on the slipway, and was no where to be seen as it was swept away.

Ted Stones, who saw the vehicle drifting away, told the Evening Standard: "I couldn't actually believe it was happening.

"It literally just started to float slowly and then the tide took it away. The police were there but literally didn't know what to do – they were as confused as the rest of us.

"There was no sign of the owner but it was probably stupid to leave it there in high tide."

Another passer-by, Nicola Kennedy, also saw the BMW setting sail. She told the paper: "As I walked beside it the alarm was going off, then the boot opened and the car sunk to the bottom of the Thames.

"I have never seen anything like that and I've lived in Putney for 30 years