Speeding driver causes five-car crash in California

Wild Five-Vehicle Crash Caught on Camera

CCTV caught the shocking moment a speeding car slammed head-on into stopped cars, causing a huge five-vehicle pile-up in southern California.

The video sees a white car fly through a red light at a busy intersection, before slamming into a truck parked in front of the lights. Debris is then sent flying across the road, thankfully missing any pedestrians.

The white speeding car actually ends up on its roof after crashing on top of another stationary car.

The footage was captured on a CCTV camera mounted to the front of a nearby computer store.

The owner of the store told reporters: "I don't see it all the time, and I've been here since 1993."

Six people were taken to hospital as a result of the crash, with the driver sustaining serious injuries.

At present, the police are reported to be ruling out any involvement of drugs or alcohol in the incident, and as yet have not conducted any arrests.