Professor Stephen Hawking plays villain in new Jaguar advert


Photo credit: Jaguar
Professor Stephen Hawking has taken up the role of a villain in Jaguar's latest advert for its upcoming F-Pace SUV.

Following on from previous 'British Villains' adverts – which starred actors Tom Hiddlestone and Nicholas Hoult to name two – the latest feature sees Hawking take up the mantle of an evil mastermind.

Hawking posted on his Facebook page, saying: "I have always wanted to be in a movie playing the part of a typical British villain. And now, thanks to Jaguar, my wish has come true."

Ralf Specht, chief operating officer at Spark44 – the company behind the adverts – said: "British villains are the smartest villains in the world.

"Taking it to the next level with 'British Intelligence' is actually a small step and nobody personifies this any better than Professor Stephen Hawking."

The F-Pace is Jaguar's first attempt at a luxury SUV, aiming to take on the likes of Audi and Porsche. It also goes up against Bentley's Bentayga.