Dog hides inside police vehicle's undercarriage

Dog Hides in Phoenix Police Car's Undercarriage

A dog was freed from a car's undercarriage after hiding there for several minutes in Phoenix.

Officers encountered a small pack of dogs running down the street, but when they honked their patrol car's horn only three of the animals scattered – with the last remaining hound running underneath the vehicle.

The officers quickly stopped, and found the fearful dog hiding in the undercarriage of their vehicle. Reports say that the dog refused to come out of its makeshift hideaway, with officers eventually resorting to calling Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to help remove the animal.

The video shows just how far the dog had gone into the car, sitting almost entirely on top of the metal protective plate.

The dog, which was of a Chihuahua mix, was removed safely and is said to be in good health. The centre will now hold onto the animal for 72 hours, with people able to adopt it after this period.