Mercedes E-Class demonstrates new remote parking


Mercedes has taken to the internet to show off the latest in luxury convenience that its cars have to offer.

In a video, uploaded to YouTube last week, the German carmaker demonstrates the Remote Parking Pilot on its all-new E-Class. The Pilot allows the car to be moved into and out of small garages and tight parking spaces via a smartphone app.

Another feature highlighted in the video is the car's ability to search for a suitable parking space whilst driving, before using its active steering intervention to manoeuvre into the spot.

Also demonstrated on the video is the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which alerts the driver to any hidden dangers when reversing and automatically brakes the vehicle.

Whilst not a new feature within the automotive industry, this a helpful addition to the E-Class' already extensive spec list.

Mercedes claim that all of these features will combine to take the strain and stresses of manoeuvring away from the daily driver.