Naked dancing woman shut down American motorway

Naked Woman Dancing Atop Truck Slows Traffic In Houston

A bizarre incident brought traffic to a standstill on a Texan highway early yesterday.

A young, naked woman was spotted by motorists dancing and gyrating on top of an articulated lorry in the westbound lane of the US-290.

Shocked and worried onlookers called authorities to the scene, where they found the 25-year-old stood atop the lorry's cab, dancing and occasionally shouting nonsensical outbursts, claiming the FBI and CIA were after her.

The incident is believed to have begun following a three-vehicle crash, in which the woman is thought to have been involved. When the highway was closed following the crash, she undressed and climbed onto the truck and refused to come down.

Fire-fighters and police officers tried in vain to coax her down for over two hours, reports, until eventually she relented and climbed onto an awaiting fire truck's ladder.

The woman has since been taken to hospital for a mental health evaluation, and drug testing.