Motorcyclist kicks out at Liverpool cab driver


A shocking road rage confrontation between a taxi driver and a learner motorcyclist has been caught on camera in Liverpool.

The incident, which took place at a set of traffic lights outside the city's Royal Hospital, was allegedly triggered when the taxi driver rear-ended the motorcyclist.

Taking offence, the motorcyclist dismounts and can be seen attempting to take a photograph of the cab driver, who reaches out of the window and smacks his phone to the floor.

A dance-like scuffle then ensues between the pair, during which the motorcyclist karate kicks the cab, and the taxi driver retaliates by pushing the bike to the floor.

The spat eventually comes to an end when the taxi driver returns to his car and drives off, while the motorcyclist continues to shout abuse and punch the vehicle.

The video, which was taken from a nearby car, was uploaded onto the 'Driving Like A T*** In Liverpool' Facebook page yesterday. It has since amassed more than 27,000 views and been shared almost 300 times.