Two men arrested after fire engine joyride

Pensioner and Teen Quizzed as Fire Engine Leaves Trail of Destruction

A teenager and a pensioner are facing a series of charges following the alleged theft of a fire engine in Northern Ireland.

The unlikely pair – aged 19 and 66 – reportedly drove the truck out of Larne fire station in County Antrim early on Saturday, leaving a trail of destruction across the town before crashing into the front garden of John Lashford's home in Glenarm Road.

He told BBC News: "There was a long continuous crash, crash, bang, bang, bang, culminating in a final big bang at the end.

"I jumped immediately out of bed, looked out the bedroom window and looked down. I could not believe my eyes. There was a fire engine in my front garden.

"Then I looked at the absolute carnage of the cars littered down the road that had been smashed."

A number of cars and houses were damaged in the incident, and both of the men were arrested after leaving the scene of the crash, with one of them later being taken to hospital.

They were expected to appear in court in Coleraine today, facing charges including burglary and causing damage to cars and homes.