Jeremy Clarkson tweets mysterious picture of wrecked car


Photo credit: Jeremy Clarkson
Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has tweeted a mysterious picture of what appears to be a wrecked car – with the caption "had a bit of an accident while filming today."

The photo gives very few details away, but reports say it was taken while the presenter, along with colleagues Richard Hammond and James May, were filming their new car series on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

It appears that Clarkson escaped the wreckage, though it is unclear which seat of the vehicle he was sat in – if he was inside the car at all.

Co-worker Hammond was quick to comment on the photo, adding: "Two words for you: Dingle. Berry."

Clarkson has teamed up once more with Hammond and May to film a new car show, due to go online via the Amazon Prime streaming service in the autumn.

With a huge budget of £160 million, the trio have apparently been pushing the show to its limits, with an onlooker telling the Mirror: "It looks more like the world's wildest stag party than a TV show.

"They've got a huge budget and they are obviously enjoying spending it – the whole thing is pretty bonkers. They've had cars being pulled out of the water, hover boards, jet skis, the works. It's been like a lads' holiday – they're obviously enjoying every minute of it."

The new show, which as yet has no name, is due to go up against the BBC's revamped version of Top Gear, which features presenter Chris Evans at the helm.