CCTV captures police worker being thrown on to car's bonnet


CCTV footage has captured the horrifying moment a police worker was launched on to the bonnet of a car after a mother with her daughter on board refused to stop while leaving a petrol station on Chester Road, Castle Bromwich.

Leah Marks was caught on camera trying to escape from a Police and Community Support Officer while leaving a Morrison's petrol station.

The officer is shown attempting numerous times to stop Marks from leaving, at one point even opening the car's door – although she slams it shut soon after.

The officer was trying to stop Marks after her car was flagged up as having no insurance by automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Rather than coming to a stop, Marks sped away – leaving the officer with injuries to his wrist and knee.

Marks, who appeared at Birmingham Crown Court, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving with no insurance, no MOT and driving while in possession of just a provisional licence, and was sentenced to six months in jail.