Drivers caught going to extreme lengths to avoid toll charge

Cops Show The Inventive Ways Drivers Have Tried Avoiding Tolls
Motorists in the United States have been going to extreme and cunning lengths to conceal their number plates on toll roads.

The video, featuring Florida State's Highway Patrol, shows how far some drivers will go to avoid paying the fee for using the state's highways.

In an attempt to get rid of the problem, the Highway Patrol has been stopping more and more people, with offenders handed a large fine.

Multiple avoidance techniques are caught on camera, with the most extreme showing a lorry driver who had connected a cable to the cab so when he drove past a camera, he could pull a lever and both number plates could be pulled up and hidden from view.

With these missed payments from drivers costing the state millions of dollars, the need to clamp down on rogue drivers is more important than ever.

Author: Jack Healy