Schoolgirl sent flying by car - but somehow she survived


Photo credit: North News & Pics

Shocking footage captured on a dashcam mounted to the front of a bus saw how a young girl was sent flying into the air after being hit by a car in north Yorkshire.

Emily Armitage, 15, had just stepped off the bus and proceeded to walk into the road past the front of the vehicle. Momentarily distracted by her phone, she fails to check for oncoming traffic and walks straight into the path of car.

Bouncing off the windscreen, Armitage's shoes ended up in a nearby field and garden, while her head and elbow left impressions in the car's windscreen.

Amazingly, she suffered no major injuries – though does experience slight back and leg pain, as well as anxiety over the incident.

Armitage is now behind a campaign entitled 'Look Out for Each Other' – designed to make sure that everyone, no matter where they are, takes more care on the roads.