Man punches through car window in road rage attack


An Australian motorist has caught on camera the moment a man punched through her car window in a dramatic fit of road rage.

The woman, identified only as Lynn, was driving along Kwinana Freeway in Perth, when the driver in front of her began acting aggressively after two lanes merged into one.

His behaviour soon escalated when he stopped, exited his car and began to launch a tirade of abuse at her.

Throwing an object at her windscreen, he yelled: 'You cut us off. You f***ing dog.' He then moved to the driver's side of the car and smashed the window with his fist, showering the grandmother with glass, a piece of which became embedded in her arm, the Fremantle Gazette reported.

In between screams, the man can be heard demanding the victim to hand over her phone, on which she was filming, but luckily she had dropped it into the foot well, out of reach.

The 20 second long attack, which took place on October 19 last year, eventually ended when the enraged motorist returned to his car, which he had claimed had his children in it, and drove off.

Please be aware that this video contains strong language.