Truck has close call with train in Minnesota

Dash Cam Captures Moment Train Hits Truck in Railroad Crossing Accident

A truck was captured on camera coming within metres of being destroyed by a train after it failed to stop at a railway crossing.

The footage, which was taken in North Minnesota, sees the truck slowly approach the train tracks, seemingly unaware that a locomotive is getting ever closer.

In seconds, the train collides with the front section of the truck, dragging it along the side of the track.

The train driver manages to bring the engine to a stop, with the truck still hanging on to its side.

The driver of the camera car, which filmed the whole incident, quickly rushes to the aid of the truck driver – leaping from his car and racing towards the lorry's cab.

Despite being unable to retrieve the driver from the cab, reports say that no one had any serious injuries as a result of the crash. Had the lorry driver been just two seconds ahead, this crash could have been even more serious.