Man and boy survive after collision with car in Ukraine


Credit: ABC99 News
A quick-thinking man saved the life of a little boy after he ran onto a busy road in Ukraine – and despite the fact that they were both struck by a car, they both lived to tell the tale.

The footage shows the boy looking at the traffic, and carefully checking for approaching vehicles. Noticing a gap, the boy breaks into a run – but hasn't judged it quite right.

Spotting the boy running into the path of oncoming traffic, the man sprints towards the toddler, grabbing him just before a car collides with both of them.

Both are launched into a ditch at the side of the road, with shocked bystanders rushing to their aid.

Incredibly, neither man nor boy suffered any injuries but both were taken to a nearby hospital for a check up.

Ivan Pitukh, the man who caught the child, told local media: "I didn't think about the consequences at the moment, I simply did the right thing.

"There was no time to think if I would manage to save the kid or not, but leaving him was not an option.

"It wasn't the driver's fault. The boy appeared on the road unexpectedly and there was nothing he could do."