Incredible low-mileage Porsche 911 hits the market


Credit: DC Motors
Prices for classic air-cooled Porsche 911s have been skyrocketing, and this car on sale online is no exception.

This particular car, a 1998 911 Carrera S, does have a unique selling point – its mileage. Despite its age, this Porsche has just 2,987 miles on the clock.

This was the last generation of air-cooled Porsches, with cars built after this model adopting water-cooled technology. Given its history and low mileage, it's no wonder that the owner is looking for just over £135,000.

Currently on sale in California, this 911 Carrera S features an electric sunroof with wind deflector, an extendable rear spoiler and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The interior is finished in grey leather, and has a full six-speaker audio system – including a tape deck. It even features desirable sports seats, along with a manual gearbox.

Incredible low-mileage Porsche 911 hits the market

Incredible low-mileage Porsche 911 hits the market

The 3.6-litre engine is still powerful even today, and should mean that any new buyer will struggle to resist to add to the low mileage.

As well as being the last air-cooled 911, this model was also the last hand built car to come out of the Stuttgart factory. Models after this 911 increased a lot in size, too.

This car in particular has the possibility of reaching even higher than its original estimate, thanks to the growing desirability of the 993-generation 911. With iconic looks and decent levels of performance, it is regarded as one of the best generations of 911 – which is why more and more people are trying to get their hands on one.