Dashcam captures lorry road rage on M6 Toll


Photo/Video credit: Idiot UK Drivers Exposed
An aggressive lorry driver was caught on camera trying to attack another vehicle – after cutting it up before the payment booths on the M6 Toll, near Birmingham.

The footage, which was captured on dashcam, sees the camera car approach the motorway's toll booth – before a lorry driver suddenly pulls out in front of him leaving barely any room between the vehicles and not much time to stop.

After leaving the tolls, the driver of the red lorry blocks off the camera vehicle before a roundabout leaving it unable to escape.

He then proceeds to open the cab door, jump out and put on his shoes. Approaching the camera vehicle, the irate driver attempts to gain access to both truck and driver, shouting obscenities the entire time.

The driver wrote online: "As I went up the slip road for the toll TAG lane I had my right indicator on to move over to the far right lane for the TAG lane watching for traffic coming northbound in the right hand lane.

"As I looked back this idiot was indicating as I was right on top of him I could not stop which he was aggrieved about and blasted his horn."

Please be aware, this video does contain strong language.