Near-miss in Yorkshire caught on dashcam

Terrifying Near-Miss Caught on Dashcam in Yorkshire

A couple were nearly involved in a head-on collision after a car pulled out in front of them on a busy road in Yorkshire.

The dashcam footage sees the car travelling down a wet road behind fast-moving traffic. When approaching a junction, the video captures a car pulling out straight into its path.

With screams from the female passenger, the driver of the camera car somehow manages to swerve and avoid the approaching Mercedes, missing it by the smallest of margins.

The driver of the car spoke online, saying: "My passenger screams and I yell out. Somehow I manage to swerve into the opposite lane and miss the front of the other driver's car by what looks and felt like millimetres at most!"

The car is reported to have been travelling at around 60mph, which makes its manoeuvre all the more impressive. Had the driver not been quite as attentive, the outcome could have been a lot worse.