Lewis Hamilton voices doubts over planned F1 rule changes

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Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has criticised plans to introduce heavier cars in 2017, while also asking why rulemakers failed to consult the racing drivers before making the proposition.

The changes, which have been published by the FIA, would see car weights increased from 702kg to 722kg, which would also include bigger tyres representing a five kilogram weight gain.

The changes are designed to make the sport – which has been criticised for being less interesting than previous seasons – more exciting and challenging. The cars would also be much wider, making overtakes more difficult.

Hamilton told reporters: "I don't agree with the changes that have been made over many years.

"I think the drivers should be consulted more. We have a feeling in the car and what could be made better. We do know what does not feel good and what to improve.

"I know (race director) Charlie (Whiting) is keen to hear from us drivers on what can be better, but those that have been implemented just now are nothing to do with us.

"We need some battles. I don't know what the answer is but whatever the decisions they have been making, they have not been working for some time."

Hamilton was quick to point out that the cars were already heavy enough, and would have to be made drastically lighter to go faster. He added that before the current hybrid engine era, McLaren's car had weight around 600kg – over 100 less than the revisions to the cars would bring.