Long Term Report: Ford Focus ST #6


At last it was my turn to take a turn in our Ford Focus ST. As my colleagues have already indicated on these pages, we were all granted lengthy spells in particular cars over Christmas, so for two weeks, EO15KWT was mine.

Seldom has any car on the fleet come more highly recommended. A few issues ago, our operations director described the ST as the best hot-hatch on the market, while el Presidente described it as entertaining and comfortable a month or two back. So what would I think?

Well, it was just fantastic to have something so exciting and exhilarating to drive. I headed up
to Gloucestershire quite a bit during the festive season and had great fun on some winding Cotswold B-roads, with the electronic torque vectoring control system delivering grip and precise handling characteristics in spades.

Andy took the car on our annual Bangers4BEN charity rally last year. Hundreds of miles of autobahn cruising left him feeling well impressed – and although a few dozen miles I did along the M4 is chicken feed by comparison, I found the ST's electronic transitional stability system a boon – it's designed to help to maintain precision and control when changing lanes or overtaking.

It'll be a bit late for new year resolutions by the time this appears in print but I'll definitely be aiming to get my hands on the keys to the ST a bit more often in 2016.

Model: Ford Focus ST-3 5-door Price: £27,730
Engine: 2.0-litre 6-speed manual Power: 247bhp
Max speed: 154mph
0-62mph: 6.5sec
Emissions: 159g/km
Mpg: 41.5 (combined)
Mileage this month: 889
Finally getting behind the wheel of a car I'd heard so many good things about.

Author: Dave Brown