Eagle unveil amazing new Spyder GT


British carmaker Eagle has announced its third, and final, special edition Jaguar E-Type, named the Eagle Spyder GT.

The Spyder GT draws on Eagle's 30-plus years of experience in refining and developing Jaguar's acclaimed E-Type, and combines aspects of Eagle's preceding special editions, the Speedster and the Low Drag GT.

Eagle's hand-built models are often described as the finest of their kind, and its latest offering promises high performance, style and practicality in the form of a folding roof.

The first of the trio, the Speedster, was developed from a customer request, and then showcased around the world to much acclaim.

Next came the Eagle Low Drag GT, which was inspired by Malcolm Sayer's exquisite Low Drag Coupe developed for Jaguar in 1961.

Eagle reveal new Spyder GT

Eagle reveal new Spyder GT

Finally, the Spyder GT promises to combine the performance of the Low Drag GT with the styling of the Speedster in a lightweight, aluminium roadster that remains true to the original 1960 model.

Founder, and managing director of Eagle, Henry Pearman, commented: "Like many, my love of the E-Type took hold at a very young age and has become a lifetime's dedication. The team here at Eagle have taken this love of E-Types to a new dimension by creating the ultimate trilogy of special edition E-Types - complementing the beautiful originals that form the backbone here at Eagle.

"I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together over the last 30 years - and excited about what we'll do in the future!"