Car rolls several times after hitting ice in Sussex

Driver Survives With Minor Injuries After Car Flips On Icy Road

Sussex Police has released a shocking video showing the dangers of driving on icy roads.

The footage, which was captured outside a Zoo park in Alfriston, East Sussex, shows a Citroen Saxo slide and flip over several times after hitting a patch of ice.

Incredibly, the driver sustained only minor injuries.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police told The Telegraph: "We would urge all motorists to take care on the roads around Sussex, particularly in the icy conditions when some areas can be unpredictable.

"Listen out for road noise – if this disappears at any stage, it may mean you are driving on ice.

"Also, remember to be aware of microclimates – this where the road surface may be cooler in certain places, for example on a bridge or in an area which is obviously higher up or more exposed to the elements. With the ground being cooler, this could potentially lead to ice on the road."