Bright yellow Porsche 918 hits the market


Credit: Al Ain Class Motors
The Porsche 918 Spyder has been sold out for a while but examples have been turning up on the second hand market since well before production ended.

Many wear the typical silver hue. Quite a few cars wear black – however there are a select few luminescent oddities, like the one here. Racing yellow was one of the rarer specifications, but one has turned up for sale at the famous Al Ain Class exotic car dealership in Dubai.

The car here is listed as new and features gloss black accenting on the roof, splitter, diffuser, wing mirrors and spoiler, whilst it omits the famous Weissach Package.

It's a colour that will certainly divide opinion, but does its job well of attracting even more attention to this fantastic hypercar.

Bright yellow Porsche 918 hits the market

Bright yellow Porsche 918 hits the market

A price tag is omitted, as is the case with much of the rarified exotica that Al Ain Class like to deal with. What that realistically means is that the price is whatever a prospective customer is willing to offer, with reference to market values. Such is the unpredictability of the high end market right now, a car such as this could double in value over night.

The paintwork is certainly an acquired taste though, and as a result this particular example could take some time to pass on to a new owner.

Would you take this 918 over a more conventionally-coloured example?

Author: Ethan Jupp