Road rage backfires and sends car flying into roadside ditch


Credit: Ivan Leon

A recent road rage incident in Durban, South Africa caught on dashcam has proved that karma really can come back to bite you.

When an impatient BMW X5 driver arrived behind a Volkswagen Polo lounging in the overtaking lane of the motorway, they were clearly less than impressed.

Using the SUV's considerable might to bully the petite hatchback out of the way, the BMW driver then proceeded to pull up alongside with his hazards on, and no doubt tell the Polo driver exactly what he was doing wrong.

It was when the presumed telling off ended that karma struck. After swerving towards the Polo, probably in an effort to scare the other motorist, the BMW veered off the road and into an adjacent ditch, despite attempting to correct themselves.

Meanwhile, the Polo, which had hastily moved lanes to avoid the irate manoeuvre, drove on like nothing had happened.