Classic Nissan Patrol goes on sale in America


A classic Nissan Patrol has gone on sale in California, offering buyers an iconic and striking truck.

Despite being built in 1967, this Patrol has just 73,641 miles on the clock, having gone between only two owners. With original paint in relatively good condition, the Nissan looks very similar to how it did when it left the factory.

Underneath the bonnet is a 4.0-litre inline-six engine, which is apparently in very good condition and mechanically sound. The white roof is completely detachable, and is original.

Although there are a few dings and scrapes across the body, everything is in order and rust-free. Despite the paintwork and roof being original, the wheels and tyres are larger than initially fitted – the owner says that the factory-fitted wheels are long gone.

Classic Nissan Patrol goes on sale in America

Classic Nissan Patrol goes on sale in America

There's very little that can break inside, with all of the original dials in working order. There's even a retractable dash light for map reading.

The interior seats were re-trimmed at some point in the car's life – but mean that the front seats and folding rears should be up to the wear and tear of use for years to come. In the middle of the front seats sits a three-speed manual gearbox, which is connected to a working low-range gearbox, too.

The car even comes with an original Nissan Patrol decoration around the licence plate – which shows off its California origins.